Gift giving essay

Many exchange mechanisms can be observed throughout the worlds cultures. These include reciprocity, redistribution and down the line exchange. Giving and receiving gifts is one of the ancient customs that have been preserved throughout time and now, in the age of modern technology, has reached it. Giving is the act of transferring a present, or gift, to another. Giving occurs in both social relationships and economic or business exchanges. There are many reasons why giving is important. It is a way to show appreciation, to say thank you, or to show someone you care.
Studies have shown that giving gifts is a source of happiness, but it. S not just the giving, it. S how you give that really brings joy. The gift is primarily about the relationships being transacted, about the people involved in these transactions rather than the ceremonial g. Gifts and gift giving nowadays, it is customary to celebrate joyful events with gifts giving or exchanging. And giving gifts is an important way to build.