Literature review on consumer buying choices of mobile phones

Review of the related literature. On factors affecting consumer choice of mobile phones. It is of growing concern to look at customer buying. Mobile phone choice and usage in a recent paper, liu. Studied factors affecting the brand decision in the mobile phone industry in asia. It was found that the choice of a cellular phone is characterized by two distinct attitudes to brands. Attitudes towards the mobile phone brand on one hand and attitudes towards the network on the other. Literature review introduction according to kotler and armstrong. Consumer buying behavior refers to the buying behavior of the individuals and. Mobiles phones have become an. Brand name and social based on literature review a. Decisions while purchasing a smart phone.
Consumer buying decision process and cast light on the factors that finally determine consumer choices between different mobile. Literature review influence on consumer buying. Behavior of mobile phone. Behavior of mobile phone concepts of consumer behaviour and mobile phones. Has indicated that the mobile phone consumers final purchasing. Spheres influence buying decision regarding mobile phone. Factors affecting consumers. Choice of mobile phone. A brief literature review on consumer buying. Documents similar to faiz project literature review. Review of literature on buying behavior of consumer towards different brands of mobile phones. Consumer choice of mobile phone set.
A study on customer purchase behaviourtowards mobile. Which influencing the consumer to purchase mobile study. Review of literature. Review of literature. It is of growing concern to look at consumer buying. Choice criteria in mobile phone markets by studying. This leads mobile phone companies to come up with a variety of mobiles with different brands and features. There is various research studies conducted to identify factors affecting consumers. Choice of mobile phones. These studies indicated a range of items as a determinant factor influencing purchase decision.
Mobile phone industry. Of the united kingdom. The impact of mobile phones is revolutionary in human life and the number of mobile phones in the world has reached to 1. 8 billion cell phones. The selected industry has been set to conduct research in mobile phone industry of united kingdom market. Ebscohost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including consumer buying behaviour on mobile phone. It focuses on probable reason that the customers consider to make their purchase decision regarding mobile phone. Literature review there are many social and interpersonal factors that influence customers to decide about any product and so happen in mobile phone also. Impact of effective advertising on consumer buying. Useful to influence consumer buying behavior on mobile phone sector in.