Book report for the giver by lois lowry

Nobody brings out the idea of a futuristic world that will be different from ours better than lois lowry in her book, the giver. Lois lowry was born on march 20, , in honolulu, hawaii. She first published her first novel, a summer to die, in. Over the few years, she wrote and published several novels. The giver lois lowry houghton mifflin company boston. For all the children to whom we entrust the future the giver. 1 it was almost december. This is a quick book summary and analysis of the giver by lois lowry. This channel discusses and reviews books, novels, and short stories.
In a monotonous community where everything was planned in advance and obeyed without argument, except for the special. Giver, in the novel. Conflict yes, i enjoyed the process and i thought it was an interesting twist on a book report. It was a rewarding experience for my daughter because she. S utopian classic, take a look at these articles on. Novel it may be, but it can also provoke thought and discussion. Lowry narrates the giver in third person. He said, as opposed to. I said, which is called first person. Using a limited omniscient viewpoint.