Emc srdf resume

Ÿ emc snapview snapshot. High function, space. Of clariion volumes that can be used for fast and efficient disk. We will discuss emc timefinder. Mirror and emc snapview snapshot in more detail in the next few slides. 4 emc symmetrix remote data facility. Product guide contents chapter 3 srdf. Synchronous operations enginuity emulations and i. Mainframe emc symmetrix remote data facility. 21 resume srdf four.
It is a command for changing the link status. It resumes the replication across the link, leaving the devices in the state they were before. It works on the link only. To invoke resume, the srdf pair. Must already be in suspended state. With movepair, just do the movepair from the temp group to the srdf. A group and then resume. Dell emc at a glance. The srdf products offer the capability to maintain multiple, host. Independent, copies of data. The emc symmetrix systems can be in the same room, in different buildings within the same campus, or hundreds to thousands of kilometers apart.
Yes the symrdf suspend. Resume can be used to change the state of all devices in an srdf group. I believe so, when the remote array is. Emc srdf controls for tpf version 7. 1 product guide 11 contents. Emc knowledgebase and messages. Swap the srdf personality of the srdf devices mentioned in the pair file. Source r1 devices become target r2 devices, and target r2 devices become source r1 devices. The srdf link status must be notready for this operation.